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How to maintain the container lock?

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How to maintain the container lock

Lock, is our daily life contact with the most frequent objects, but, many people think that the home bought a door lock or hardware, you can not maintain, until the use of bad, you can be replaced. But if the daily life does not pay attention to details and maintenance, hand lock and other doors with hardware will soon be damaged.How to maintain the container lock

The maintenance of hardware locks is divided into several parts, many aspects of maintenance can maintain the life of the door lock greatly increased, the following by the ten-year door lock brand - Alice small editor for everyone to impart experience it: 

1. Lock body: as the central position of the door lock structure, the opening and closing of the lock to maintain smooth, it is necessary to always ensure that the lubricant in the transmission of the lock body, in order to keep the rotation smooth and extendthed service life. The small editor suggests that it should be checked once a year or a year, and that the fastening screws be checked for loosening to ensure fastening.

2. Lock (i.e.): Lock core in the use of the process, the door lock after the purchase of one or six years or six months, or in the key insert rotation process is not smooth, you can pour a little graphite powder or pencil powder in the slot of the lock core, so as to ensure that the key is inserted smoothly, will not be a card when rotating. But avoid, do not add any other oil to lubricate, because a long time, the grease will solidify, stick to the inner bullet spring inside the lock core, will cause the lock core can not turn can not be opened.

3. Often check the mating gap with the latch plate, the lock tongue and the lock plate hole is suitable for high and low fit, the best match ingesting gap between the door and the door frame is 1.5mm-2.5mm. If changes are found, adjust the position of the hinges or latchplates on the door. Also pay attention to the cold and heat expansion caused by the weather (wet in spring, dry in winter) to ensure that the door and door frame, lock body and lock plate clearance reasonable, to ensure that the lock is used smoothly. 







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