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  • 2020-03-06

    How to clean sanitized door locks during an outbreakThe new coronavirus outbreak is very serious, so whether at home or outdoors, the government is advocating and asking people to "go out, get less party" and isolate the spread of the virus, which is a very important measure. However, ensuring the h

  • 2020-09-12

    How to choose the box material of the van?Van trucks are commonly used in logistics, fresh food transportation and grocery transportation, so the choice of material for the vehicle body is different. The following editor will take you to understand what materials are available for the van.1. Steel p

  • 2020-09-11

    How to improve the insulation performance of the refrigerated car body(2)The interior of many refrigerated vehicles is smooth and flat. In fact, the internal surface structure of mid-to-high-end refrigerated trucks is not only uneven but also quite complicated. The operating principle of "six-sided

  • 2020-09-11

    How to improve the insulation performance of the refrigerated car body(1)With the arrival of midsummer, the demand for refrigerated trucks in the cold chain logistics and transportation industry has gradually increased. If refrigerated truck manufacturers want to gain the favor of major cold chain l

  • 2020-09-10

    Types of door hinges and stoppers(2)The stopper, as the name suggests, is used to limit the opening angle of the door, and to limit the door to ensure that it will not swing with the wind. Common door stoppers are generally divided into pull rod stoppers (also known as box stoppers) and torsion bar

  • 2020-09-09

    Types of door hinges and stoppers(1)The automobile has been invented for more than 130 years. From the simple appearance at the beginning to the interior with many humanized configurations, human beings have rewritten history time and time again. But I think no matter how the car changes, there are

  • 2020-09-08

    Analysis of the current situation of door hinges(2)When we open the door, we find that the door cannot be opened to the end. This is because of the limiter. The function of the stopper is to keep the door in an open position. Generally, it is composed of limit arm, roller, spring, etc. At present, t

  • 2020-09-07

    Analysis of the current situation of door hinges(1)When we open car doors, engine covers, and trunk covers, probably no one will notice why these parts can turn. This function is completed by the usual inconspicuous part-the chain. Automobile hinges can be divided into door hinges and lid hinges. Au

  • 2020-08-16

    How do you keep your refrigerated truck clearIn addition to the small light trucks and breaded refrigerated vehicles are gasoline engines, other refrigerated vehicles are diesel engines. The causes of diesel carbon accumulation are relatively complex and closely related to the structure of diesel en

  • 2020-08-15

    Knowledge of refrigeration vehiclesWith the improvement of social living standard and the change of lifestyle, people need more and more quick-frozen food, fresh-keeping food, milk, seafood and aquatic products, vegetables and fruits, flowers, and large food processing enterprises. Cold chain logist

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