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Classification, protection and use of seals(一)

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Classification, protection and use of seals(一)

Automobile sealing strip is one of the important parts of automobile parts, which is widely used in window, body, door, seat, sunroof, chassis and trunk. It is also waterproof and waterproof.

The classifications of car rubber sealing strips were vulcanized rubber sealing strip, Nitrile rubber sealing strip, silicone rubber sealing strip, thermoplastic elastomer sealing strip, thermoplastic vulcanized rubber sealing strip, plasticized polyvinyl chloride sealant and so on.

How should the car sealant be protected and used?

First of all, Check the seal for large cracks or cracks. If the sealant can be repaired with adhesive. It will be easier to repair with a special adhesive. Of course, assuming that the seal is seriously damaged or aged, it is better to use a new sealing strip.

Secondly, usually we use cleaning door and window seals, but also can be coated with a layer of protective agent.It can not only avoid the sealing strip aging too fast, but also improve the sealing performance.In addition, the gap between the seal strip and the body is very easy to fill with sand and dust.Therefore, we should also use the brush to wipe off the dust.

Third, in the replacement of the body seal strip, we should apply a layer of sealant in the weld overlap. The adhesive layer shall be approximately 1 mm thick and shall be free of defects such as virtual adhesives and bubbles. All areas under the floor and under the front wheel cover shall be coated with a 3 MM-4 MM elastomer coating and an anti-corrosion coating. These methods can not only greatly improve the vehicle sealing performance, slow down the body corrosion speed, but also greatly improve the ride comfort.







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