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Why doesn't your refrigerator car cool down

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Why doesn't your refrigerator car cool down

Have you met this kind of situation, refrigeration units have been working in running, but the car but can't reach the expected effect of forehead temperature, encounter this kind of problem, I believe each of you refrigerated car owners are very upset, worry about the cause of the transport of the goods are not due to the temperature metamorphic thus affecting their turnover, and also question what they buy refrigerator car is not good.

We should all pay attention to not blocking the outlet of the evaporator when stacking the goods, otherwise it will hinder the flow of cold air. The blocking above the goods will lead to short circuit of cold air. A certain distance must be kept between the top of the goods and the roof of the car, and the loading height must not be higher than the balance height of the air outlet. If the air outlet is blocked in front of the goods or too close to the goods, it will not only affect the storage and transportation temperature of the goods but also affect the normal operation of the refrigeration unit.

As many defrosting designs of refrigerated vehicle refrigeration units use air induction to defrost, when the cargo is too close to the air outlet, the coil tube in the evaporator of the refrigerated unit in the refrigerated vehicle will quickly freeze and frost. At this time, the air induction system will operate randomly, and the refrigerated vehicle unit will quickly enter the defrosting state. When the temperature rises to a certain temperature, the defrosting will immediately end, and the above mentioned operation will occur in the refrigeration unit of the refrigerator car, and the temperature of the car body will not fall down.

The temperature in the refrigerated compartment can't drop because the air outlet is blocked, so we must be careful not to stack the goods too full and too high, not too close to the air outlet.







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