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Where does the insulation effect of refrigerated truck come from

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Where does the insulation effect of refrigerated truck come from

With the arrival of midsummer, the demand for refrigerated trucks in the cold chain logistics and transportation industry has gradually increased. If refrigerated truck manufacturers want to gain the favor of major cold chain logistics companies, they must not only have a reasonable price, but more importantly, ensure the refrigeration effect of refrigerated trucks, reduce energy consumption and increase the service life of the vehicles.

To do this, in addition to high-quality refrigeration units, it is also necessary to improve the overall insulation performance of the car body. How can the insulation performance of the refrigerated car body be improved? In this issue, I will explain the refrigerated truck board materials, internal structure and sealing performance.

Polyurethane foam is the most widely used excellent thermal insulation material. Due to its low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation performance, and high strength, this material has been welcomed by well-known domestic refrigerated truck companies such as Henan Bingxiong, Zhenjiang Kangfei, Zhenjiang Feichi, and so on. The foam density and bubble diameter of high-quality polyurethane materials are very small. Moreover, polyurethane materials are also suitable for a variety of plate-making processes, such as injection foaming, bonding, spraying, etc.

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Polystyrene foam is a kind of thermal insulation material made of polystyrene resin. The foam is loose in quality, good in heat insulation, low in water absorption, good in low temperature resistance, and easy to cut, but only the bonding process can be used to make the insulation layer of refrigerated vehicles. In developed countries such as Europe and America, this material is basically abandoned. Some small domestic factories still use this material in order to save costs. Compared with polyurethane materials, polystyrene must achieve the same insulation effect, and the thickness of the insulation material must be increased by at least 20%. As the thickness increases, the quality of refrigerated trucks increases, the load quality decreases, and energy consumption increases.

Extruded polystyrene foam is an insulation material extruded from polystyrene resin and corresponding additives. This insulation material is similar to a honeycomb structure, with uniform thickness and no voids and fractured voids. The extruded polystyrene material has the advantages of high compressive strength, low thermal conductivity and water absorption, and long service life.

Tightness is also an important criterion for evaluating the quality of a refrigerated truck. In general, a refrigerated truck equipped with an air curtain has better heat preservation and more energy saving than a refrigerated truck without an air curtain and plastic curtain. Especially when the external temperature is higher than 40 degrees, the effect of the air curtain is fully reflected.

In addition, the splicing process of the car body also has a lot to do with the tightness. Nowadays, most manufacturers use rivet splicing technology, which is firm in splicing, but it also tends to cause poor sealing and cold wind. If the bonding process is adopted, the tightness of the refrigerated compartment will be greatly improved.

In short, with the increasing demand of customers, refrigerated truck companies should no longer stay at the stage of price competition. Customers will pay more and more attention to the quality of refrigerated trucks. And whether to use new energy-saving materials, adopt a reasonable internal structure design and improve the sealing performance of the car body will be the choice that most refrigerated truck companies will face.







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