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When transporting different goods, what devices need to be installed?(1)

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When transporting different goods, what devices need to be installed?(1)

What kind of goods can refrigerated trucks transport? For example: fruits and vegetables, cold fresh meat, quick-frozen food, aquatic seafood and other daily foods, as well as biological products (vaccine, stem cell, plasma bag) and medical waste.

When transporting different goods, matching devices must be installed. There are also some devices that are optional for loading and unloading.

Install meat hook guide and meat hook. When refrigerated trucks transport fresh pork, lamb, beef and other meats, they should be equipped with meat hook guides and meat hooks. The transportation temperature of these fresh meats is required to be 0-5 degrees. Therefore, the meat strips should be spaced at a certain distance. Hang up so that the white strips are fully exposed to the cold wind to ensure the freshness and loading of the white strips.

There are many styles of meat hook guides. You can choose docking guide rails, saving labor costs; you can also choose detachable meat hook robes, which are multi-purpose in one car. What is the difference between meat hook refrigerated truck and ordinary refrigerated truck? What should I pay attention to when choosing a meat hook refrigerator?

Refrigerated truck

Install a temperature recorder. The temperature recorder can record the temperature in the refrigerated compartment in real time, can set a specified temperature, has GPS, temperature alarm and early warning functions, and has a networking function. It is a necessary device for refrigerated vehicles.

When transporting medicines or vaccines, a temperature recorder must be installed. When it is convenient for transportation, the medicines can be transported at a constant temperature to meet the transportation requirements. Now many refrigerated logistics companies also require the installation of temperature recorders to be able to understand the temperature of goods in time.

Add a fish tank and oxygenation device. When the refrigerated truck transports fresh seafood and marine fish, it is necessary to install a fish box and aeration equipment. Generally, pipelines are installed around the top of the tank, and oxygen pumps or oxygen cylinders are installed in the lower part of the tank to supply oxygen to the fish tank in real time.







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