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What kind of heavy-duty vans are there?

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What kind of heavy-duty vans are there?

Van slats, also known as vans, are mainly used for the fully sealed transport of a variety of goods, special types of vans can also transport chemical hazards. With flexible, easy to operate, efficient work, large transportation volume, make full use of space and safety, reliability and other advantages.  

What kind of heavy-duty vans are there

 Van material van can be used: (1) iron corrugated, (2) colored steel plate, (3) aluminum plate, (4) aluminum alloy corrugated, (5) foam insulation van optional: rear door, left and right door, fully closed, semi-closed, warehouse grid use range van widely used to transport all kinds of goods, major factories, supermarkets, each person suitable for optional The rear side of the van can be optional lychards, which can hold up 0.5-5 tons of weight classification 

According to brand classification: Dongfeng vans, liberating vans, Isuzu vans, Jianghuai vans, Jiangling vans, Fukuda vans by shape: single-bridge vans, double-bridge vans, flat-headed vans, pointed vans 

By Variety: Small King Van, Dollica Van, Sanping Chai Van, Dongfeng Kangba Van, 145 Van, 153 Van 1208 Van, 1230 Van, 1290 Van, Semi-Trailer

According to the classification of use: warehouse-gate transport vehicles, vans and cargo parts of the structure of the closed compartment and separate from the cab of the cargo vehicle. (Excludes mini van passenger and cargo vehicles.) )   

Vans are safer and more beautiful than regular vans, and rain doesn't get wet.







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