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What is the role of container angle pieces?

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What is the role of container angle pieces?

It can be said that each container has corner pieces and the role of container corner pieces can not be ignored, let's look at the role of container corner.What is the role of container angle pieces

The idea of anglepieces is clever and practical, playing a key role in the lifting, handling, fixing, stacking and tethering of containers. In general, almost all of the forces that the box is subjected to are passed through the corners. As the outermost edge of the box, the angle also plays the role of protecting the entire box, once the corner piece is damaged or cracked, I am afraid that the container also has no "use of the place". The ISO 1161 standard also strictly defines its structural size and positioning dimensions as a condition for the automation of containers.

The size of the corner parts located in the corners of the container is insignificant compared to the large box, but its function in practice can not be ignored. Even some people say that the essence of the container itself lies in the corner, without it, it will be difficult to carry out the work;







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