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What is the origin of container paint?

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What is the origin of container paint?  

In the early days of the development of container manufacturing industry in the 1980s, the container paint used in China was imported by the owner's designated paint. Such as Hempel in Denmark, Freilacke in Germany, Sigma in the Netherlands and so on. With the development of China's container manufacturing industry, more foreign paint factories through the relationship with container owners, have entered China's box manufacturing industry. Since the early 1990s, Haihong-Hempel, Shanghai-Kansai, Shanghai-Chugoku, Shanghai-IP, Kunshan-K.C.C. and other Sino-foreign joint venture container coating companies have been established, using the foreign investment company's container coating recognition certificate, covering the national container coating business.

Since 1993, China has a number of research institutes and paint manufacturers began to develop container coatings. Since then, China began the development of container coatings.







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