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What is the most important hinge in hardware?

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What is the most important hinge in hardware?

The application of the hinge in the door leaf is very extensive and is an indispensable accessory. We rarely pay attention to it. It plays a big role in the door leaf, providing cushioning function when the door is closed, reducing noise and friction.

Next, I will introduce you to the important part of the hardware - the hinge.

1. The role of the hinge

Suspend the door leaf support to allow free rotation of the door leaf. Some special types of hinges allow for additional special features such as over-line hinges, self-closing hinges, and more.

container hinger

2. What are the classifications of hinges?

The hinges are divided according to different categories and can be divided into

Adjustable hinges and non-adjustable hinges;

Removable hinges and non-removable hinges;

One-way hinge and two-way hinge;

Fireproof hinges and non-fireproof hinges;

Surface mounted hinges, embedded hinges and concealed hinges;

Hinge for steel wood doors, hinges for narrow frame profile doors and hinges for full glass doors;

Self-lifting hinges, anti-theft hinges, medical hinges, wire hinges, etc.

3. The main performance indicators of the hinge

The most important performance index of the hinge is load-bearing performance, and the load-bearing performance index is generally 10Kg as a grade unit. Other performance indicators of the hinge have service life, corrosion resistance, etc., according to different standard systems and test methods, there are different indicators. For example, in the European standard, there is a requirement for the amount of deformation after the life test; and there are stricter requirements for elastic deformation and plastic deformation.

4. Does the hinge's load-bearing performance have a relationship with the size of the hinge?

The physical dimensions of the hinge are related to the load bearing performance of the hinge. In general, hinges with high load-bearing performance have larger hinge heights, hinge shaft diameters, and sheet thicknesses.

5. Why do you want to add grease to the hinge?

The hinges of some structures are used to lubricate hinge cores and reels to reduce friction and require the addition of grease between them. In addition, in the case of insufficient machining accuracy, the gap between the hinge core and the reel is large, and no grease is added. The hinge sheet has a large amount of shaking, so the grease is compensated.

6. Why does the hinge show grease after a while?

After a period of operation, the viscosity of the added grease in the hinge is reduced and it is easier to flow out. At the same time, the hinge core and the reel will produce different degrees of wear. When the wear is serious, more black iron powder will be produced. The oil is blackened. Therefore, the greased hinges, depending on the oil used and the processing precision, have a transparent or black grease flowing out early or late, affecting the appearance to varying degrees.

7. What is the impact of the use environment on the hinge?

The hinge requirements are different depending on the environment. For example, in large public buildings, the frequency of use of the door is very high, and the size of the general door is relatively large, so it is necessary to use a hinge with high load-bearing performance and long service life. For example, in the application of a seaside or a chemical storage, there is a higher requirement for the corrosion resistance of the hinge, and it is necessary to select a special material or a hinge that is resistant to corrosion.







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