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What do you know about curtain slide installation

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What do you know about curtain slide installation

Commonly when you hang curtain inside the home, choose hang curtain will have a bar, so when the rod in the hang of the curtain will be divided into two types, one is open rail, one is dark rail, so for such way of decoration, is each have their respective advantages and disadvantages, everyone in the choice of time, we may feel about because of the problem, don't know should choose which type of installation would be more appropriate, the following we will discuss the specific problems, believe that after you read this article, you should know to choose which type of it is more appropriate.

For open rail, it at the time of installation, the curtain rod is directly exposed outside, we can see, so in order to beautiful degree of the whole to consider, you can choose some better rod, so for the choice of the curtain rod, actually the type of sale on the market is still relatively more, whether from the color, style and material is there are many kinds of aspects, such as its material, is generally divided into solid wood, aluminum material and iron, so everybody, can according to own actual situation to make a reasonable choice.

Decorate a way to dark track, a lot of people also can choose commonly, according to us from oneself idea will undertake considering, can feel the word that installs dark track, the integral effect that makes will be a few more beautiful, but, if its type comes cent from material respect, it is to be divided commonly aluminium alloy series and plastic series. Aluminum alloy track, when installation is to take into account the thickness of the track, the normal thickness is about more than a millimeter, for too thin track, it is not too accepted strength, so said in the process of use, there is the possibility of deformation, so, it will affect the rolling curtain pulley.

For plastic track, its quality is relatively weaker than aluminum alloy material, the use of time, to be short, so everyone in the process of selection, suggest you try not to select plastic track, because of its use of time is too short, if want to use for a period of time, is suggested to choose aluminum alloy material, it is more appropriate.

Above is mainly about the difference between the two types of installation, and there are advantages and disadvantages of each, we in the choice, can according to their own home and the specific situation to make reasonable choice, of course, these two installations must each have their own advantages and disadvantages, everyone in the choice of time can be more than once again made the right decision.







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