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What I Wish Everyone Knew About Container production process

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What I Wish Everyone Knew About Container production process

When the raw materials come in, we will check the hardness, the degree of stretching, and the spectrum to measure the metal element content of the material to ensure that the material quality corresponds to the material grade.


2. Before processing the product, the mold master will re-polish all the molds to ensure that the surface of the parts is smoother and less burr is assembly when the container parts are produced.

3. In the production process, in order to prevent the occurrence of parts whose product size exceeds the tolerance range, the products with quality problems caused by the processing of the workers will be picked out at the first time to prevent the next process. If the problem occurs in the production of the assemblage, we will recycle this whole batch.

4. After the processing of the blank embryo , before the surface treatment of the truck component products, there will be a pick and choose procedure to pick out the unqualified products again, and avoid infering the inferior products into the next process, namely the surface treatment process.

5. After the surface of the product has been processed, pick the parts again, pick out the truck parts with imperfect surface treatment, and re-process them.

6. When everything is ready, enter the assembly process. Different products are assembled in different ways. Some need to be assembled by means of equipment, and some are assembled by hand. Regardless of the assembly, there are corresponding precautions to prevent the surface treatment of the part and the product itself from being destroyed during the assembly process. If there is still a product failure during the assembly process, it will be picked out at the first time to prevent the package from entering.

7. After the assembly is completed, enter the packaging process. According to different product performance requirements, we will use pure carton packaging, plastic bag + carton packaging, and wooden box packaging. At the same time, paste the corresponding hoe.

8. After the single product is packed into boxes, enter the packing workshop. According to the size of the carton, the packing master puts the neat code on the 1100mm*1100mm export tray. The height of the general stack is 900mm to 1300mm. Then, the corner guards will be placed at each corner to prevent damage to the packaging and products during the packing process. When packing, three strips will be punched in the longitudinal direction, and four criss-crossing strips will be placed in the horizontal direction to ensure that the refrigerated assemblage goods are fixed on the tray. Finally, the entire tray is wound and sealed with a wrapping film. Paste the product details of the tray. 








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