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Weld broken door hinges(二)

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Weld broken door hinges(二)

In the last paper, the welding procedure of the door hinge fracture part of the steel sheet is discussed,This article focuses on the welding of casting door hinges.

Casting door hinges that have cracked or broken should be replaced under normal circumstances. If parts or assemblies cannot be purchased, they can also be repaired by welding.The welding process steps are as follows:

1. Clean :Remove oil and impurities from the area around the break.

2. Make a stop hole:To the door hinge that produces crack, the crack end (slightly farther than the crack end) should be punched with a bit respectively, and the crack stop hole should be punched through.

3. Chamfering:In order to increase the area and strength of the welding place, the manual grinding wheel is used to longitudinally throw and grind a certain groove along the crack during operation. The groove has the form of "V", "U", "X" and so on.

4. Weld:The welding of cast iron is very strict to the requirements of the electrode, its optional electrode is common cast iron electrode, high vanadium cast iron electrode, oxidized steel core cast iron electrode and nodular cast iron electrode. When welding, should use the method of small current, intermittent welding, dispersed welding layer by layer welding, and promptly remove the welding slag of each layer, groove welding full.

5. Postweld treatmentThe door hinge after welding is heated to a certain temperature and then hit with a hammer to eliminate the welding internal stress.The wear of door hinge generally produces in the pin hole, one of its treatment methods is to increase the pin hole, and the corresponding increase in the hinge pin;Another method is to plug the worn pin holes by surfacing, and then redrill the holes according to the specifications of the original holes.







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