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Weld broken door hinges(一)

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Weld broken door hinges(一)

Door hinges are used to connect the door to the body and to support the door. Door hinges can be divided into two categories of rotary and hatchback, there are a variety of forms.

The damage form of door hinge is mainly fracture and wear.The fracture is mainly produced on the hinge body of the door, which can be repaired by welding. Before welding, the hinge material should be confirmed, and the welding method is different for different materials. Generally, the rotary hinge is a sheet metal stamping part, while the upper hinge is a casting.

Welding the broken part of door hinge of steel plate stamping.

For the door hinge of steel plate stamping parts, the welding procedure of the broken part is as follows:

1. chamfering:In order to increase the area and strength of the welding place, the manual grinding wheel is used to longitudinally throw and grind a certain groove along the crack during operation. The groove has the form of "V", "U", "X" and so on.

2. Weld:Low carbon steel welding rod should be selected to carry out multi-layer welding at the groove for many times. After each welding, the welding slag should be removed in time until the groove weld position is filled up.

3. Polish:After the last welding, the weld shall be higher than the hinge body of the door, and then the weld shall be polished by grinding wheel to make it consistent with the shape and height of the surrounding body part.







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