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Use method of electric jack

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Use method of electric jack

Today we will introduce how to use the electric jack ,let's follow the steps below.

1. Check whether all parts are normal before use.

2. The provisions in the main parameters shall be strictly observed in use, and super high overload shall be avoided, otherwise, when the lifting height or lifting tonnage exceeds the provisions, serious oil leakage will occur in the electro-hydraulic jack department.

3. Please refer to the operation manual of the electric pump.

4. The center of gravity of the weight to choose moderate, reasonable choice of electric hydraulic jack of the force point, the bottom to pad flat, at the same time to consider the ground soft and hard conditions, whether to liner tough wood, placed smoothly, so as to avoid weight subsidence or tilt.


5. After the heavy weight is jacked up by the electro-hydraulic jack, the heavy weight should be firmly supported by the support in time. It is prohibited to use the ultra-high pressure and large tonnage electric jack as the support. If you need to support heavy objects for a long time, please use self-locking jacks.

6. If several electric hydraulic jacks are needed for lifting at the same time, please select type Synchronous Jacks. In addition to correctly placing large-tonnage electric jacks, multi-jack shunt valves should be used, and the load of each large-tonnage electric jack should be balanced, and pay attention to keep the lifting speed synchronous. It is also necessary to take into account the possibility that the ground may cave in due to uneven weight to prevent the weight being lifted from tilting and causing hazards.


There are two other points to note. The first is to use, do not add biased load or overload, so as to avoid the danger of electric jack damage. When there is a load, do not unload the quick joint, so as to avoid accidents and damage to the parts.Another is to do a good job in the maintenance of oil and equipment, to avoid blockage or oil leakage, affect the use of the effect.







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