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Types of door hinges and stoppers(1)

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Types of door hinges and stoppers(1)

The automobile has been invented for more than 130 years. From the simple appearance at the beginning to the interior with many humanized configurations, human beings have rewritten history time and time again. But I think no matter how the car changes, there are still doors. When it comes to doors, hinges and stoppers have to be mentioned. Presumably, many driving friends have never paid attention to door hinges and stoppers. If you ask, what kind of hinges and stoppers do you have? Which hinge is good? It is estimated that many friends will not be able to answer. Today we will talk about the different types of hinges and stoppers.

Open the door, you can see that there are two parts at the junction of the door and the body, one is called the hinge, the other is called the stopper. The hinge plays a fixed role, and the stopper has the role of limiting the opening angle of the door.

The hinge is the hinge that connects the door and the body. The principle is the same as the hinge on your own anti-theft door, except that the style of the hinge on the car is different from the hinge on the anti-theft door. At present, common household car hinges on the market are divided into casting hinges and stamping hinges. Due to the difference in structural design, the thickness of the two types of hinges is different. Casting hinges are usually much thicker than stamping hinges.

The advantages of cast hinges are high production accuracy and high strength, but the disadvantages are large weight and high production costs. Stamped hinges are composed of stamped sheet metal, which is easier to process and lower cost than cast hinges. It should be noted here that stamping hinges do not mean unsafe.

From the visual effect point of view, the thickness of the cast hinge is much thicker than the stamped hinge, but this can prove that the cast hinge must be strong, and the stamped hinge must not be strong? If the strength of the material does not meet the national standard, even the thicker hinge cannot guarantee safety. The editor is just to make a metaphor, not to say that the cast hinge has its own appearance, but to say that the strength of the material is more important than the appearance.

The strength of each part of the material is different, which is like using high-strength materials for the front and rear girders of the car body, while the material strength of other parts is not so strong. Even if the stamping hinge is relatively thin, as long as the strength of the material meets the standard, it can perform well in terms of safety.







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