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Things to know before loading refrigerated trucks

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Things to know before loading refrigerated trucks

1. The weight of the loaded cargo shall not exceed the weight of the vehicle.

2. When loading cargo, handle with care and strictly prohibit brutal operations. The cargo should be placed in a well-balanced manner, and no sudden brakes should be used to prevent the cargo from moving from the rear of the car to the front of the car, so as not to damage the car and The front panel causes injury.

3. It is strictly forbidden to load unpackaged bulk goods in the compartment, such as wheat, corn, sand, etc., to avoid damage to the compartment.

4. When loading refrigerated goods, there should be a certain gap between the goods and the compartment wall to ensure the normal circulation of air-conditioning, and the height of the goods accumulation should not exceed the load limit line.

Refrigerated truck

5. The meat hook car should evenly distribute the goods on the top plate of the meat hook guide rails, and the magnitude of the meat hook between each two chain seats shall not exceed 3, and the meat hook car compartment should be connected to the piping cargo tank and a certain number of Nylon pull straps or gear bars separate the cargo to reduce the damage to the car body caused by the violent swing of the cargo during driving. Special reminder, when driving, the chain on the chain seat must be buckled to reduce the damage to the box body when the meat goods slide back and forth.

6. The front end of the suspended cargo should be fixed with a drawstring or a gear lever to avoid damage to the front panel caused by the front cargo during emergency braking.

7. When the vehicle is driving, emergency braking and sharp turns should be avoided as much as possible to prevent the cargo from causing damage to the compartment board.

8. For vehicles without aluminum guide rails on the floor, loading and unloading goods with forklifts in the compartment is strictly prohibited, and wheeled loading and unloading tools are strictly prohibited to roll on the inner surface of the floor.







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