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The structure and principle of refrigerated truck(2)

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The structure and principle of refrigerated truck(2)

It is best to equip refrigerated trucks with original boxes. Although the initial installation price is slightly higher, the subsequent power supply and maintenance are more convenient. Although the installation price of non-original cabinets is low, problems are prone to occur during use. Stability is very important for cold chain transportation, so the original box is essential.

The refrigerated truck is also inseparable from the ventilation slot. Most of the ventilation slots are made of aluminum alloy, their function is to strengthen the cold air circulation of the refrigeration device, separate the cargo and the box, prevent the two from colliding, so as to ensure the integrity of the goods, the box is intact, and the service life of the box is prolonged.

The core of the refrigerated truck is its refrigeration structure. The refrigerated trucks on the market usually have two types of units: independent units and non-independent units. Both types of units have their own advantages and suitable transportation conditions. The correct choice of refrigeration units can effectively improve economic benefits.

Refrigerated truck

The independent unit uses a separate diesel engine as power. Even if the refrigerated truck stalls or the engine fails, the refrigerated truck can still work normally. Various unexpected situations may occur during long-distance transportation, so independent units are more suitable for long-distance cold chain transportation, and independent engines can ensure the effect of cargo freezing.

The non-independent unit and the refrigerated truck use the same engine, which has a simple structure, so there are few failures and low maintenance prices, but it cannot work independently when the engine fails. Therefore, the dependent unit is suitable for short-distance transportation, because the possibility of short-distance engine failure is small, and transportation costs can be saved.

There is still a lot of room for the development of refrigerated trucks, such as technological improvement, refrigeration mechanism innovation, and product variety. People are paying more and more attention to refrigerated trucks, which will also bring more convenience to life.







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