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The structure and principle of refrigerated truck(1)

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The structure and principle of refrigerated truck(1)

In the process of transporting frozen products, the earliest equipment was a foam box covered with quilts, which was later transformed into a sponge cabinet. With the development of the economy, the previous refrigerated transportation methods have gradually become obsolete, and refrigerated trucks have gradually emerged.

The transportation of frozen meat, iced seafood, egg and dairy products and other goods is inseparable from refrigerated trucks. Refrigerated trucks can make food fresher and improve the quality of people's diet; at the same time, they are also an important member of cold chain logistics. Let us take a closer look at refrigerated trucks.

The insulation box of the refrigerated truck must be light in weight and not easily damaged. The refrigerated truck box must have good airtightness, and strict sealing can reduce energy exchange to ensure a stable low temperature. Some manufacturers use ordinary foam boards as heat insulation boards, which not only greatly reduces the heat insulation effect, but may also cause deterioration of the transported goods and cause economic losses.

Refrigerated truck

It is very important to choose a material that is economical and practical and has good thermal insulation effect. Currently, most of the cabinet materials on the market are polyurethane. Polyurethane foam materials have good stability, excellent heat insulation and shock resistance, and are very suitable for packaging materials; at the same time, polyurethane materials are very environmentally friendly and conform to my country's environmental protection development concept.

In addition to thermal insulation materials, the box also includes a refrigerator, whose working principle is to freeze the cold liquid in the refrigerator for cooling. It is worth mentioning that the melting temperature of the refrigerated liquid should be lower than the refrigerated temperature of the transported goods to better ensure the transport effect.

The box is used to transport refrigerated goods, so its type is naturally closely related to the category of goods. For example, when transporting small ice cream and other items, multi-layer refrigerators are needed, which makes better use of the internal space of the refrigerator truck, and the transportation volume is large; if the items that need to be transported at a time require different refrigeration temperatures, then you need to use multiple doors for refrigeration The car and the carriage are divided into several independent spaces, and each enclosed compartment has a different temperature, which is suitable for different items. When a single compartment door is opened, it will not affect the cooling and heat preservation effects of other compartments.







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