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The curtain slide is curved

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The curtain slide is curved

What are the advantages of curving the curtain chute? Let's take a look!

Above all, the position of the window and wardrobe is relatively close, the function of curtain and wardrobe is united in wedlock together, can let line look smoother, beautiful degree is very tall also. Split curtain may appear more messy, and there is no sense of wholeness. Such design can let the curtain resemble a face soft wall same, very atmosphere is very comfortable, have a kind of extremely simple feeling!

Next, regard the word of cupboard door as the curtain, of the dress hang put and installation are very convenient. The curtain is designed in one piece, but the slide is made into one piece, so it is easy to use.

Consider from the price respect, the cupboard door of the wardrobe one square metre wants a few hundred pieces of starting price, a little bit better the likelihood wants more expensive a few! But a thin gauze shade, all come down basically also do not exceed 1000 yuan!

Will tell from permeability, this kind of thin gauze shade is very good also, need not specially open cupboard door ventilated, the permeability with curtain unique and cut off sex, can assure cabinet ventilated effect already, still can prevent dirt to fall into chest! The utility will tell is not inferior than cupboard door at all!

This design is suitable for the window and wardrobe next to each other. It looks great, it's practical, and it saves a lot of money, but if it's not by the window, it's not a good fit.

Why not use it as a way to save money?

Especially the rental and minimalist design, are very suitable!







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