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Tensioner is a commonly used holding device in the belt and chain transmission system. Its characteristic is to keep the belt and chain in the transmission process can have appropriate tensioning force, so as to avoid the belt slipping, or to avoid the synchronous belt skipping teeth, teeth and drag out and prevent the chain loose and fall off, reduce the sprocket, chain wear.Tensioner structure is varied, the generally include fixed structure and elasticity, automatically adjust the structure of fixed structure use fixed more adjustable sprocket adjust the tension of belt, chain wheel, flexible using elastic components can automatically adjust the structure springback control automatic belt, chain tension, can automatically adjust the domestic chain tensioner use spring structure, more and tensioner used more abroad rubber parts.

In effect, the structure of spring tensioner its construct simple and cheap, so use common, and the rubber parts tensioner, due to the good elastic properties of rubber, live longer than the spring, but its performance requirements for rubber is high, prices are more expensive, so use less, often used in high-end machinery equipment.







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