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Teach you how to choose the right refrigerated truck(2)

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Teach you how to choose the right refrigerated truck(2)

The body of the refrigerated truck needs to ensure good airtightness and thermal insulation performance.

1. Car body material: usually the car body structure adopts a three-layer structure

(1) The inner and outer skins are made of composite materials, such as FRP, color steel, etc.;

(2) The middle interlayer adopts thermal insulation materials, such as polyurethane foam materials;

(3) On the outside, use high-strength glue to glue the inner and outer skins and the middle layer together to form a sealed whole.

2. Pay attention to the following issues when choosing a car body

(1) Pay attention to the water absorption, air permeability, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, etc. of the car body material;

(2) It has good temperature stability and cannot affect other performances due to temperature changes.

3. Other requirements

(1) The manufacturing process of the cargo compartment determines the insulation effect. At present, the larger domestic refrigerated truck modification plants have improved their technological level through imported equipment and technology;

(2) Different types of goods have different requirements on the compartment. For example, a refrigerated truck transporting fresh meat needs to be customized in the compartment; for supermarket distribution, a multi-temperature refrigerated truck needs to be used;

The choice of refrigeration unit: As the goods are particularly sensitive to temperature, once the refrigeration unit has a problem, the loss is not only the freight, but also the high payment.

refrigerated truck

1. The composition of the refrigeration unit

The refrigeration unit is a refrigeration system used to control the temperature of goods during transportation, including compressors, power systems, condensers, evaporators, refrigeration pipelines and control devices.

2. Classification of refrigeration units

The refrigeration unit is divided into independent unit and non-independent unit. The independent unit has its own power source; the non-independent unit is driven by the engine of the car chassis, which is much cheaper than the independent unit.

If it is used for short-distance distribution between urban areas or districts and counties, it is recommended to use non-independent units, which are cheap, and maintenance is more convenient even if there is a failure.

For medium and long-distance transportation, it is recommended to choose an independent unit. In the event of a failure during transportation, the refrigeration unit can still work normally to meet the needs of cargo refrigeration.







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