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Teach you how to choose the right refrigerated truck(1)

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Teach you how to choose the right refrigerated truck(1)

With the improvement of living standards and the transformation of lifestyles, more and more commodities such as quick-frozen food, fresh food, milk, vaccines and so on are needed by people. "Cold chain logistics" has become a new darling of the transportation industry. As the most important equipment in the transportation process, refrigerated trucks are related to cargo preservation and food preservation.

Cold chain transport vehicles can usually be divided into three parts: car chassis, insulation compartment, and refrigeration unit.

refrigerated truck

1. Generally, it is necessary to consider the type and quality of the transported goods and the volume of the insulated cargo box to determine the tonnage of the chassis. Large-tonnage refrigerated bicycles and semi-trailers are suitable for long-distance inter-provincial transportation, and generally have a large transportation volume. Medium-sized bicycle transport vehicles have a wide range of applications and can be used for medium and long-distance transportation in the market. Light-duty refrigerated trucks and mini-refrigerated trucks are suitable for short-distance transportation and urban distribution, with less cargo.

2. Pay attention to the following issues when choosing a chassis:

(1) Choose a suitable chassis according to the tonnage of the cargo, transportation conditions, etc., while considering the carrying capacity, fuel consumption, and emission standards of the chassis;

(2) Refrigerated trucks also need to consider the reliability of the chassis. This is because the goods they transport are usually not stored for a long time. Although equipped with refrigeration equipment, they still need to be quickly sent to the destination. If there is a failure on the road, it is easy The transported goods deteriorated and the loss was huge.







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