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Refrigerator trucks must maintain these seven components in winter

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Refrigerator trucks must maintain these seven components in winter

In the morning of early winter, there is a lot of dew, and the surface of the car is often very humid. If your car has obvious scratches, you should paint it in time to prevent the scratched parts from getting damp and rusty. In addition, when the season is changing, you'd better do a series of beauty care for the surface of your car, from cleaning, polishing to waxing, glazing or coating. Wash the car in time after snowing, and remove the snow water with acid and corrosive substances to avoid damage to the car paint and premature rust.

Tires play a pivotal role in the safe driving of vehicles. Especially in winter, because the temperature is relatively low, tires must be supplemented with air pressure to keep them within the specified air pressure range. At the same time, tires should be checked for scratches, because rubber tends to become hard and brittle in winter. It is easy to leak air and even puncture the tire.

In winter, the driver of a refrigerated truck should always check the engine oil, brake oil and antifreeze in the engine compartment to see if the oil is sufficient, whether it has deteriorated, and whether it is the replacement cycle. These oils are like the blood of your car, and must be replaced during the replacement cycle to ensure the smooth circulation of the oil.

Refrigerated truck

Special oil should be replaced in winter. Prevent the viscosity of ordinary lubricating oil from becoming worse due to the drop in temperature, resulting in difficulty in cold start of the car, and serious accidents such as burning bush and axle.

The freezing point of the antifreeze should be about 10℃lower than the lowest temperature in the area, and it should be changed at least every two years. If water has been added to the antifreeze, the antifreeze must be replaced.

In winter, the temperature is low and hoarfrost will appear in the car. In this season, you should pay special attention to whether the defrosting air outlet under the windshield is normal and whether the heat is sufficient. If there is a problem, solve it in time, otherwise, it will bring unsafe factors to your driving.

Always check the car vents, air inlet grilles, and electronic fans for debris. If there is debris, you can use a compressed air machine to blow away the dust. In addition, when the engine is cooling down, the above parts can be washed from the inside out with a water gun.

In winter, the electrode wiring of the car battery of refrigerated vehicles is the most prone to problems. When the driver checks, if there are green oxides at the electrode wiring, they must be washed away with boiling water. These green oxides will cause insufficient power in the generator and cause the battery to be in a state of power loss. In severe cases, it will also cause the battery to be scrapped or the car Can't catch fire. When it is difficult to start a cold car, it should be started again every about 30 seconds, and continuous ignition should not be used to prevent damage to the starter and exhaustion of the battery.

Due to the high temperature and rain in summer, many bacteria breed in the carpet, floor glue and other hidden places in the car. With the advent of winter, car windows are no longer opened frequently, and the air in the car cabin will become turbid and have peculiar smells, and peculiar smells and bacteria will cause harm to human health. Therefore, it is necessary to love you during the season. The car undergoes a thorough sterilization and cleaning of the interior.

Through the maintenance of the above seven aspects, the refrigerated truck will survive the cold winter safely and will not cause too many failures in the harsh climate of winter to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the vehicle.







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