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Production technology and characteristics of PVC tarpaulin

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Production technology and characteristics of PVC tarpaulin

First of all, the appearance of its good color, shiny and reflective. One side is flat and smooth, while the other side has some granular objects, indicating that the resin composition is properly added and the temperature is appropriate; No pinhole, high resin density, good aging resistance, long service life.

Second, it has a strong pull. According to the different process, the canvas in the material ratio of excellence, so that the destruction of the cloth blank ability is small, the tension will be better; The higher the warp and weft density, the stronger the pull.

And then, it's very waterproof. 100% waterproof performance, good gum, canvas will not appear pinholes, high quality production materials.

The addition of materials, the amount of resin composition, the density of the high and low, all determine the performance of PVC tarpaulin.

Finally, it feels soft. Although the feeling on thickness is general, but actually the thickness has reached the requirement, just because resin composition is high, processing technology is good, because this feels very soft on feel, won't feel coarse.

PVC tarpaulin is produced by vertical machine, which is mechanically produced by vertical machine. The cloth is pulled straight into the raw material box and pulled out. The viscose material on the tarpaulin is PVC material with high purity. There are two kinds of dryers, one is electric burning, one is with a boiler. The vertical machine has high requirements on raw materials, must have a certain purity of raw materials. Often vertical machine production of PVC canvas slightly more expensive, the purity of canvas products is also high.







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