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Method of selecting truck parts

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Method of selecting truck parts

Because trucks often pull goods, in order to achieve maximum benefits, accessories are more frequent updates, how to choose truck accessories?

1.  see whether the logo is complete and authentic. The packing quality of truck accessories is good, the writing on the packing box is clear, the overprint color is bright, the packing bag should be marked with product name, specification, model, quantity, registered trademark, factory name, factory address and telephone number, etc.

2. See if the geometry is deformed.  Some parts due to manufacturing, transportation, storage improper, easy to produce deformation. Therefore, the shaft parts can be rolled along the glass plate to see whether there is light leakage at the joint of the parts and the glass plate to determine whether bending.

3. See if the joint is flat. Truck parts in the process of handling and storage, due to vibration, knock against, often in the joint parts produced burr, indentation, damage or crack, affecting the use of parts, should pay attention to the inspection.

4. See if there is rust on the surface of the parts. Qualified parts of the surface of both a certain precision and have a shiny finish, the more important parts of the higher precision, the more strict packaging rust corrosion, the purchase should pay attention to the inspection.

5. See if the protective surface is in good condition. Most accessories are coated with a protective layer when leaving the factory, such as the piston pin and axle bushing are protected with paraffin wax, the surface of piston ring and cylinder sleeve is coated with anti-rust oil and wrapped with wrapping paper, and the valve and piston are sealed with plastic bag after soaked in anti-rust oil.

6. Check whether the adhesive parts are loose. By two or more parts of the assembly of the accessories, between the parts by pressure, adhesive or welding, they are not allowed to have loose phenomenon.

7. See assembly parts are missing. Normal assembly parts must be in good condition in order to ensure smooth assembly and normal operation. If some small parts on the assembly parts are missing, the assembly parts will be unable to work or even scrapped.

8. See if the assembly mark is clear. In order to ensure that the assembly relationship of mating parts meets the technical requirements, some parts are engraved with assembly marks on the surface. If there is no mark or the marks are fuzzy and cannot be recognized, it will bring great difficulties to the assembly, and even the assembly will be wrong.

9. See if the surface is worn. If the parts with wear marks on the surface or paint accessories found after the surface paint, it is more of a waste camouflage, then you can ask for a return.







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