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Maintenance and repair of key components of refrigerated trucks(2)

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Maintenance and repair of key components of refrigerated trucks(2)

The cleaning of refrigerated trucks is very important. Cleaning the refrigerated compartment has two functions. One is to keep the interior of the compartment clean and prevent strange smells from appearing in the compartment. In addition, the evaporator fan of the refrigeration unit is prevented from sucking impurities into the evaporator coil, thereby reducing the refrigeration effect of the refrigeration unit. This is one of the reasons why the refrigerated truck may feel that the refrigeration effect is not as good as before.

It is generally recommended to clean the refrigerated truck after the goods are unloaded, so that the refrigerated truck is easy to clean, saving time and effort; the remaining stains are more difficult to clean later. The boxes of refrigerated trucks are generally clean and bright. The tools used for cleaning the refrigerated trucks should not cause scratches or other damage to the box. Therefore, soft materials and non-corrosive cleaners are the first choice. It is best to use these on the car. The substance can be washed away at any time. The finishing work after cleaning is also very important. Do not leave water and footprints on the refrigerated truck, especially in the interlayer of the refrigerated truck. These conditions should not occur to avoid deformation or rusting of the cabinet. After the cleaning work is completed, the compartment should be opened. , And close the door after drying the compartment.

Refrigerated truck

The engine is the soul of a refrigerated truck. When driving a refrigerated truck, pay attention to whether the engine has any abnormal sound or vibration, and check it if necessary. Try to avoid emergency acceleration or deceleration during driving, so as to reduce the load of the automobile engine transmission system as much as possible. After the new car has traveled 1000km, the car should be sent for maintenance to avoid many potential problems in time.

The paint surface maintenance of the refrigerated truck is also very important. The refrigerated truck should be cleaned in time. Choose a neutral and mild detergent to remove the dust, sand, and other dirt that adhere to the body, which is invisible to the naked eye. The dirt, such as paint glue, etc., needs to be cleaned up with professional dirt reagents. The box of the refrigerated truck must not be sloppy. The box of the refrigerated truck is made of polyurethane foamed glass fiber reinforced plastic inside and outside, which has a good sealing effect. When using a refrigerated truck, try to avoid hard objects hitting the car body, so as not to reduce the sealing effect.







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