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Knowledge of refrigeration vehicles

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Knowledge of refrigeration vehicles

With the improvement of social living standard and the change of lifestyle, people need more and more quick-frozen food, fresh-keeping food, milk, seafood and aquatic products, vegetables and fruits, flowers, and large food processing enterprises. Cold chain logistics has also become a hot term in the transport industry. As an important transport equipment in cold chain logistics, the refrigerator car is also the key to ensure the safety of perishable and fresh food in the transport process. So, what's so special about refrigerated trucks compared to regular trucks? Today I will give you a brief introduction.

From the perspective of structure, the refrigerator car can be divided into three parts: chassis, heat preservation box body and refrigeration unit.When we are choosing car chassis, need to wait according to the tonnage of goods, road condition, will choose the chassis that suits him, for instance the power of engine, displacement, bearing capacity.

The material, process, structure and other differences of the insulation box are relatively large, if we do not pay attention to the insulation box when we buy the refrigerator car, then the later period of the refrigerator car will be unable to use.If the insulation performance of the incubator is poor, no matter what brand of refrigeration unit you choose in the later period, it cannot reach the ideal temperature, and the quality process is not good. In the later period, the incubator is easy to break apart, leak and other situations, which brings us some unnecessary losses, so the incubator is the key to the refrigerator car.

At present, the refrigerating units are divided into domestic and imported brands, which can be matched with different brands and different types of refrigerating units according to the needs of users.







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