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Introduction of hydraulic buffers for trucks

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Introduction of hydraulic buffers for trucks

The truck's hydraulic buffer is a hydraulic reduction device.It is an auxiliary device used for vehicle deceleration and control. For larger cars, hydraulic buffers are often needed to slow down.

The braking torque of hydraulic retarder depends on the oil pressure and the amount of oil in the working chamber, as well as the rotor speed. When the car goes downhill, the car slides under the action of gravity, making the rotor of the hydraulic buffer run at high speed. At this point, the torque converter is not filled with oil, oil to the hydraulic buffer.

The working fluid is accelerated in the rotor and again in the stator. It gives the rotor a great moment of reversal and ACTS as a brake on the car.

The hydraulic retarder can carry out continuous hydraulic braking. The principle is that the high temperature working oil is led to the cooler for cooling, and the cooled working oil is continuously supplemented through the oil pump, so as to circulate all the time.

The exhaust brake is used when the car is going downhill, although it can have good braking effect, but for the mine dump truck with larger tonnage, the exhaust brake effect is limited. After the start of the hydraulic buffer, by changing the operation of the engine exhaust valve, the engine becomes an air compressor to absorb power, providing a deceleration force to the driving wheel of the vehicle. The control of the vehicle can be improved if the vehicle is not equipped with running brakes. When the car is loaded down a long slope, it can also maintain a constant speed.

Hydraulic retarder can fully meet the needs of auxiliary braking of vehicles, and can undertake 80% of the vehicle braking task on the road. In the long downhill section, it can avoid traffic accidents caused by the main brake failure caused by overheating, which can greatly improve the vehicle driving safety.

In addition, hydraulic retarders are also applicable in the case of vehicle deceleration when waiting for green lights, entering tollbooths, traffic jam, etc., which can reduce the frequency of braking and increase the service life of the brake pad.







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