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How to test container angle parts?

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How to test container angle parts?

Container angle test pressure and test steps: the test container corner should be filled with water, and then the ultra-high pressure pump to the container corner of the container pressure into the container corner of the mixed oil from 50% transformer oil and 50% kerosene configuration. How to test container angle partsIn order to eliminate the lag of the strain gauge, the pressure is slowly raised from 0 to 32MPa twice before the stress test, and then the pressure is removed to 0 and the test instrument is zeroed at the same time. The test pressure is then loaded and unloaded step by step. First pressure cycle: 0-16-32-40-48-60-48-40-32-16-0 Second pressure cycle: 0-16-32-40-48-60-48-48-40-40-32-16-0 Third pressure cycle: 0-60-72-0-72-0 will be the test pressure of the test level of the test level , point by point record the corresponding strain valuefor each measuring point, when the pressure is 0, the zero drift value of each point is noted.







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