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How to tell if a container is good or bad?

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How to tell if a container is good or bad?

Containers are not unfamiliar to everyone. For non-professionals, the containers arranged at the seaport terminal are just different in size, and others are no different. Actually, this is not the case. Even if the containers produced by senior domestic 20FT container companies are of different quality, the following aspects of container quality are generally used to judge whether the 20FT container is of high quality.

Good and bad ways to identify containers

How to distinguish the quality of 20FT containers

Good and bad ways to identify containers

1. Observe the thickness of the 20FT container

As the name suggests, observation is about the appearance and thickness of the container. The surface is flat and uniform, and the thickness is uneven, and the pressure resistance is better. The board thickness of the container has international parameters. That is to say, the 20FT container is qualified after reaching a standard thickness after the shift. It should be noted, however, that the thicker the plate is, the better. China ’s 20ft container has its own weight. If the plate thickness of the container is far beyond the standard plate thickness, the weight of the container will increase, which will cause difficulty in handling.

2.Inquire about the material of 20FT container

The material is like the "soul" of a container. The travel of factors such as the density, hardness, compression, and tension of steel mostly comes from the ratio of carbon to metal in steel. The different ratios directly determine the quality of the container! The high-end 20FT container must be of high quality, with certain pressure resistance, not easy to be damaged by bumps, and not easy to peel off paint.

3. The evaluation parameters of relevant authoritative organizations assist the identification of 20FT containers

The parameters of domestic senior 20FT containers do not absolutely represent the quality of the containers, but the test results of authoritative organizations are definitely professional and credible. Such as JIS label, affixed to JIS label means that the appearance size, quality, compression resistance and safety of the container meet international standards







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