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How to remove a truck door lock?

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How to remove a truck door lock?

First, you need to determine if your door needs to come off. If the hinge pin is a single full length piece, you need to check to see if it will come out in one piece without hitting the door itself. 

remove door lock latch

You can use a punch to knock the pin free, which we did before removing the door. This is how we figured out it had to be removed.

removing the door Pro tip: before removing the door, mark the position of the bolt heads on the door and the position of the hinge on the door. This will help you get the door aligned faster during reinstallation.

 punch set 

Assessing The Situation

Once the pin is out, you can look at the hinge pin hole. Usually, the hole is in bad shape and possibly even oval shaped. Sometimes the original bushing is still there, sometimes it is gone. Our vehicle had one of each. If the original bushing is in the hinge, you have to remove it. This is done by knocking it out or breaking it with the punch. We had to break all of the original bushings.

Select the bushing that fits. We used the smaller bushing, which is the correct one for this vehicle. The bushing may drop right in if the hole is really bad, but usually, the bushing must be driven in place with a hammer. The top bushing goes in from the top, the bottom goes in from the bottom.

Our kit had 4 bushings and one pin. We used the smaller bushing, as it fit well. If the holes were ovaled, we would drill it round and use the larger repair bushing.







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