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How to maintain and clean container door locks, tips!

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How to maintain and clean container door locks, tips!

It is recommended that users in use to the container door lock to do the following maintenance and repair:

1. In the ordinary use process, try to avoid sharp, sharp things colliding door lock surface steel plate

2. High oxidation is strictly prohibited. If the chemical sits into contact with the product surface, rinse it immediately with clean water and dry it with cotton cloth, and then spray the product surface with detergent for cleaning and maintenance.How to maintain and clean container door locks, tips!

3. In the decoration process, due to pay special attention to protection, to avoid damage to the product, such as your wall must be cleaned, especially when the marble wall in cleaning, used to clean the wall of chemical agents, such as oxalic acid and other substances will seriously damage the product, before cleaning the wall, must be protected with plastic film seal, strictly prohibit edgy material son from contact with the product surface.

4. Do not pull the door lock fan too hard.

Container door lock

5. Plexiglass, PE anti-collision plate needs to be regularly wiped. Avoid washing the door lock directly with water.

6. Container door lock hinges should be regularly replenished with butter and other lubricants, to avoid oil-free bearing wear serious. If the door lock body bearings appear serious wear, please contact my company's after-sales service department in a timely manner.

7. After the product installation, please remove the product surface protective film within 30 days, it is difficult to remove the protective film for a long time so as not to attach the protective film to the product, affecting the beauty.

First of all for the container door lock cleaning tools we need to understand, stainless steel cleaning has a special cleaning agent, called stainless steel cleaning agent or stainless steel brightener, but also with a special care agent, stainless steel oil, can remove stainless steel bright, restore stainless steel light.

Stainless steel door lock cleaning we will encounter the following several situations:

1: If only the surface of the door lock body has dirt attached, then wipe with cleansing water can be. However, it should be noted that the stainless steel door lock itself is made of stainless steel mirror panel or stainless steel wiretap, if it is a stainless steel mirror panel stainless steel door lock should pay special attention to cleaning tools, to avoid stainless steel mirror scratched. The rag must be dry.

2: If you want to remove the door lock mark or film tape marks, you can wipe with warm water, and then use alcohol to scrub. Note (trademarks have paste and mold molding two) we need to communicate with manufacturers to understand whether the manufacturer's trademark. If the trademark is the easier to remove on the paste, if the mold molding that can not be removed, you have to re-change the material production. So this detail consumers in the purchase is also to be concerned.

3: If the surface has oil stains such dirt, can be directly scrubbed with a soft cloth, and then with ammonia solution cleaning.

4: If the stainless steel door lock surface has bleach and a variety of acids, it can be immediately rinsed with water, and then with neutral soda water to clean, and then rinse with water.

5: The door lock surface has a rainbow pattern, may be with too much oil, or cleaning agent, wash with warm water.

6: If the surface if there is rust, you can use the concentration of 10% nitric acid cleaning, can also use a special lock of maintenance fluid, and finally with a similar color coating, outside eye observation is difficult to see.

In addition, stainless steel door lock installed, within a week to tear off the protective film, otherwise the protective film after the wind and sun, protection can not be opened or will be difficult to tear.







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