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How to lock container correctly and safely?

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How to lock container correctly and safely?

Make sure your shipping container remains locked and the security is very important, especially when you use it to store equipment, chemicals or supplements when. HANTUO provide specifically for the transport of containers designed super-heavy padlock.

How to lock container correctly and safely

A standard freight container door locking lever is provided with two vertical, it can be opened, closed and locked door.

Transport container door

How to close the door?

First close the left door

Ensure that the locking lever into the container top and bottom of the locker

The engaging cam and the holder, and then twisting two handles

The handle into the mount, and then close the locking hole

Repeat the process with the right hand door

Slide the shackle of your lock onto the lock lever to secure it

You should now be unable to turn or open the locking bar

Lock the container with a lock box

To improve security, HANTUO also provides container security boxes, designed to stop thieves cut a padlock. Our padlocks are ideal for placement in lock boxes.

According to the above steps to close the doors

The lock box and the lock ring appended aligning the slide closed shackle







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