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How to install a container lining bag?

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How to install a container lining bag?

In order to achieve moisture, dust, prevent external pollution purposes, the installation needs to pay special attention, in strict accordance with the following 6 steps:


a. Place the lining bag in a clean container and expand it.

b. Place the square steel in the sleeve and place it on the floor.

c. Tie the loose ring and rope on the lining bag firmly on the iron ring in the container. (Start inge from side to side, first up, down, from inside to outside)

d. Secure the bottom end of the bag located at the door with a pull rope and the iron ring on the floor to prevent the lining bag from moving when loading.

e. Secure the four square steels in the door groove slot by hanging rings and suspension straps. Flexible suspension strips can be adjusted to height.







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