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How to improve the insulation performance of the refrigerated car body(2)

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How to improve the insulation performance of the refrigerated car body(2)

The interior of many refrigerated vehicles is smooth and flat. In fact, the internal surface structure of mid-to-high-end refrigerated trucks is not only uneven but also quite complicated. The operating principle of "six-sided ventilation" is roughly that the cold air generated by the refrigeration unit blows to the rear door, goes down to the floor through the groove on the rear door panel, and then returns from the groove on the floor to the front wall, from among the ribs on the front wall. From time to time up to the air return port, the grooves on the side walls play the role of assisting the wind.

The "six-sided ventilation" refrigerated car body design can increase the ventilation area by 30%, realize rapid circulation ventilation, quickly reduce the temperature in the compartment, and there is no dead angle of temperature difference, which effectively realizes energy saving. Moreover, the loading space in the compartment is increased by 9.8% compared with the "patch" air duct, which makes cleaning more convenient.

Tightness is also an important criterion for evaluating the quality of a refrigerated truck. In general, a refrigerated truck equipped with an air curtain has better heat preservation and more energy saving than a refrigerated truck without an air curtain and plastic curtain. Especially when the external temperature is higher than 40 degrees, the effect of the air curtain is fully reflected.

In addition, the splicing process of the car body also has a lot to do with the tightness. Nowadays, most manufacturers use rivet splicing technology, which is firm in splicing, but it also tends to cause poor sealing and cold wind.

In short, with the increasing demand of customers, refrigerated truck companies should no longer stay at the stage of price competition. Customers will pay more and more attention to the quality of refrigerated trucks. And whether to use new energy-saving materials, adopt a reasonable internal structure design and improve the sealing performance of the car body will be the choice that most refrigerated truck companies will face.







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