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How to heat treat container corners?

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How to heat treat container corners?

The container corner piece is an important force component on the container. It is often stacked, buckled and hoisted. The shape is complex and generally cast and formed. To ensure the performance requirements, it must be heat treated. The conventional heat treatment is a process of (930 ° C × 3 h, water quenching + 680 ° C, tempering).

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In theory, it is difficult to form a uniform structure for low-carbon, low-hardenability container corner pieces. The traditional heat treatment process requires two heat treatments, which consumes a large amount of electricity, has a large scale, and has a large amount of processing. High production costs.

Simplifying the traditional process of container corner parts into a normalizing treatment, if it can meet the mechanical performance requirements, will greatly reduce the production cost and create great economic benefits.







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