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How to clean sanitized door locks during an outbreak?

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How to clean sanitized door locks during an outbreak?

The new coronavirus outbreak is very serious, so whether at home or outdoors, the government is advocating and asking people to "go out, get less party" and isolate the spread of the virus, which is a very important measure. However, ensuring the hygiene of the home and the individual is the fundamental to the spread of the virus.How to clean sanitized door locks during an outbreak

For the new coronavirus for dozens of days of ravages, everyone's home will certainly be ready to disinfect liquid and alcohol and other cleaning disinfection supplies, but the use of these disinfection supplies or disinfection process in fact there are some small knowledge or precautions are unknown to everyone, as to what, the following to popularize it.

1. Disinfect the surface of objects with more frequent contact, such as metal locks: chlorine-containing products (e.g. 84 disinfectants), 75% and more than 75% ethanol (i.e. alcohol).

2. Skin disinfection: can be free hand sanitizer or ordinary hand sanitizer to clean the hands, or choose iodine volt, quick dry hand disinfectant.

3. Indoor disinfection: with 84 disinfectant and water according to the ratio of 1:99, then wipe the floor once, cleaning can be 1-2 times a week, and then often open the window ventilation, and open each time 20-30 minutes.

4. Disinfecting the tableware: you can put the cutlery in boiling water and cook it for 15-20 minutes, or you can put it in the disinfection cabinet at high temperature sterilization.

5. Sanitary disinfection: the same can be wiped with chlorine-containing disinfectant, 30 minutes after can be rinsed with clean water.

It is important to note that ethanol (i.e. alcohol) can be used at the same time as 84 disinfectants, and only one can be selected at a time.

The above is about cleaning and disinfection of small knowledge and precautions, the virus is not terrible, terrible is not attention to, therefore, personal and environmental health and safety is very important, must not relax, especially now the epidemic has not been effectively controlled, everyone has a responsibility to work together to fight the epidemic.







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