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How to choose the box material of the van?

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How to choose the box material of the van?

Van trucks are commonly used in logistics, fresh food transportation and grocery transportation, so the choice of material for the vehicle body is different. The following editor will take you to understand what materials are available for the van.

1. Steel plate van truck

The main materials of the box body of this material are color steel plate, galvanized plate, and plastic plate, which are made in a framework or non-framework method.

2. Outer Mongolia aluminum plate van truck

This model can be divided into two types: aluminum van type truck and aluminum profile van type truck. Aluminum van trucks are mainly made of 1F21 rust-proof aluminum plates pressed into triangular ribs, which are light in weight and not easy to loosen. At the same time, the weight of the entire vehicle is reduced, which improves the loading efficiency of the vehicle; aluminum vans not only satisfy transportation The demand for the product is more full and beautiful in appearance, which has attracted more users' attention.

3. Composite van

It is mainly made of laminated board and glass steel plate. The interior is wood laminated board. The cargo compartment of this material has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, stamping resistance, easy cleaning, and good sealing. It gradually moves into the mainstream market, but the cost is higher.

Four, curtain van truck

The price of this type of car is relatively moderate, and it is suitable for side loading and unloading operations and transportation of like paper products. It has light weight, good strength and good rain resistance.

5. Aluminum-plastic composite panel van truck

This car is made of a special combination of processes and is treated with an anti-corrosion protective film. It has a heavy anti-corrosion base coating and a fluorocarbon baking coating. It has the characteristics of strong corrosion resistance, high strength, easy maintenance, heat insulation, fire prevention, and sound insulation.

When you buy a vehicle, you should choose the vehicle according to the performance of the vehicle, and also consider the price of the vehicle, so as to determine the most cost-effective and most suitable vehicle.







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