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How do you keep your refrigerated truck clear?

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How do you keep your refrigerated truck clear?

In addition to the small light trucks and breaded refrigerated vehicles are gasoline engines, other refrigerated vehicles are diesel engines. The causes of diesel carbon accumulation are relatively complex and closely related to the structure of diesel engines, types of fuel and lubricating oil, working conditions and other conditions. Carbon accumulation can be said to be the enemy of every refrigerated vehicle.

After running for a period of time, the cylinder head, cylinder liner, piston, piston ring, valve, injector and other parts as well as the surface of the combustion chamber will stick to a layer of carbon. It is the product of high temperature oxidation of fuel and lubricating oil in diesel engine operation. In diesel engine operation, diesel oil and lubricating oil cannot completely burn due to insufficient oxygen supply in the combustion chamber, which produces lampblack and tar particles. They are mixed with lubricating oil and oxidized into colloidal liquid, carboxylic acid. Carboxylic acids are further oxidized into resinous colloid which is firmly attached to the machine parts. Under the constant action of high temperature, the colloid polymer synthesizes carbon deposition.

The main components of the refrigerated vehicle carbon include lubricating oil, carboxylic acid, asphaltene, oil colloid, sulfate, silicide, etc. The higher the temperature of the diesel engine, the harder the carbon is formed, the tighter it is, and the stronger the bond with the metal. The carbon produced by the engine and the residue of combustion will be attached to the engine interior, if not properly treated, it will affect the engine function, especially these things gathered in the piston ring and intake and exhaust valve, will produce carbon deposition or adhesive materials.

The oil itself has a clean dispersion effect, which prevents these carbon and residue from accumulating inside the engine, allowing them to form small particles, but suspended in the oil. This is also what we have always understood as the cleaning effect of oil.

Refrigerated car manufacturers found that the oil into glue, carbonization of the situation is also different, synthetic oil is significantly better than mineral oil.In fact, this also tells us a truth, about the oil and the relationship between carbon, in addition to a good cleaning ability, its own inhibition of carbon production is also very important.







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