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Does container locks have several ways to link?

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Does container locks have several ways to link?

Container lock and body connection methods have a variety of, some are directly welded to the body, the lock can only rotate but not vertical movement, this is called fixed; This is called lifting, and there are turn locks that are articulated on the body or made to move, so that the fastening position can be adjusted to greatly improve the utilization of the vehicle, and there is a type of plug-in turn shaft, the lock shaft like a pin into the body fixed part, generally with other types of turn lock use.

container locks

Container door lock

When the container is hoisted to the vehicle carrier surface, the corner hole at the bottom of the container falls just in the position of the installation lock, and by rotating the handle of the transfer lock, the lock will be fixed in a specified corner position (usually 90 degrees or 70 degrees), so that the transfer lock is in a lock state. For the lifting and lowering lock, the vertical push handle can make the lock head lifted into the inner cavity of the bottom corner of the container, and then rotate to the specified angle to make it lock the container angle. Some turn locks have a screwing device, which allows the lock head to press down on the bottom of the inner cavity of the angled part to prevent the box angle from being lifted, thus ensuring that the locking is more secure and secure.

With the continuous improvement of modern manufacturing process, the manufacturing process of container transfer lock is more and more perfect. Enterprises on raw materials procurement, production management, product testing and other key links to strictly control, to ensure product quality. The main characteristics of the product are: convenient and flexible operation performance, high safety and reliability, long service life. After surface treatment, the part surface has high corrosion resistance, heat resistance, salt atomization and other characteristics, to meet the coastal areas and hot and humid climate conditions. Products in addition to looking at the appearance, but also to pay attention to the internal quality, the internal quality of the transfer lock control is extremely strict, parts of the material of the physical and chemical performance test to meet the relevant standards, lock shaft also through strict anti-pull test requirements.

In recent years, container car slip accidents occur from time to time, and some even caused casualties. Mostly because some drivers plan to save time, there is no turning the handle on the lock, the transfer lock fixing device is in vain.







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