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Do you dare to change the circuit of the refrigerator car?

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Do you dare to change the circuit of the refrigerator car?

Due to improper use of refrigerated vehicles or long service life, many consumers did not go to professional repair shops when repairing, and now the maintenance industry is a jumble of fish and fish, part of the maintenance personnel quality is low, there is dishonesty, irregularities and fraud in the service behavior. Some black businessmen in order to solve the problem of blind circuit change, resulting in the spontaneous combustion of vehicles, this situation is not appalling, not to be ignored.

There are many problems in refrigerated truck maintenance, and quality assurance is the key. We must pay attention to the following three aspects:

First, the causes of spontaneous combustion of the refrigerator car are usually the aging of the circuit of the refrigerator car, the fracture of the oil pipe and the non-standard modification.

Second, individual illegal elements will repair and maintain the vehicle for the collision to defraud insurance. In order to prevent this kind of situation, the consumer must keep an eye on the point when repairing the car, if need overhaul or repair the car for a long time, in addition to the choice of regular maintenance enterprises, repair the car place do not leave their place of residence or work unit is too far away, so conducive to the repair point at any time .

Third, After use, the refrigerator car may cause different degrees of wear and tear, according to the provisions to carry out regular maintenance. Refrigerated trucks need a thorough maintenance after 5-10 years of use. Especially has passed the warranty period of refrigerated vehicles, to choose a qualified service enterprise for the relevant maintenance, and find professional technical personnel to service, to ensure the quality of maintenance.o see, convenient and timely detection of problems.







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