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Container unchained easy to become a road killer

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Container unchained easy to become a road killer

This newspaper does not buckle the container car has a great safety risk, heavy-duty vehicles in the upper and lower slopes and sharp turns when prone to rollover, in the huge inertia, the container is easy to separate from the trailer off, such accidents once occurred, most of the consequences are serious. Yesterday, our city traffic police department in the city to carry out container transport vehicles special rectification activities.Container unchained easy to become a road killer

That morning, reporters in Huangdao District to follow the traffic police inspection, unchained container vehicles are very common. Some people in the industry pointed out that container car not buckle has become the industry's "subliminal rule": because the container is generally higher, the vehicle center of gravity is not stable, when the vehicle at a higher speed, the container car easy to turn over, the driver's own safety can not be guaranteed; Most of the empty cars were unharmed. On the same day, the centralized investigation and prosecution of operations, a total of 178 container transport vehicles of all kinds of traffic violations, mostly in the safety of technical conditions do not meet the requirements, some vehicles have overload, not normal use of driving recorders and other illegal acts.

Traffic police department said that in fact, the container car accident, the main reason is speeding and overloading. As long as the driver controls the speed, there will be no rollover accident, according to the regulations of the lock is also the safest practice. Traffic police remind that container vehicles do not buckle will be "unsafe facilities uneven" punishment, while the driver must be on the start of the body key parts of the cleaning, reflective signs are not clear will also be punished.







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