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Classification, protection and use of seals(二)

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Classification, protection and use of seals(二)

Fourth, the sealing between the door and main body is the relative sealing part. Each seal section has a different cross section shape and the door is repeatedly opened and closed.

In a premium car, there are three to four seals, and four on the front column and roof rail.

The multi-channel seal is usually arranged in the front door slot. In addition to the sealing function, it also has the function of sound insulation and reducing automobile noise.

Fifth, after the damage of the window glass, we should check whether the sealing strip is harmful when replacing the glass. Since restored Windows often do not return to their original shape, it is important to ensure that the window glass can be easily pulled or lifted at this point, and to pay attention to the sealing of adjacent window glass. Assuming the gap between the glass and the glass tank is uneven and the rubber strip is not in good contact with the glass and the glass tank, the owner can easily pull out the seal strip by hand.

Sixth, when replacing the roof, we should first coat the pressing joints around the roof with a conductive sealant and then, after welding, apply the hem glue to the sink and joint joints. This not only helps to seal the valve body, but also avoids premature corrosion of the valve body caused by water in the flange weld.

Seventh, sunroof is the basic equipment of most family cars. When the car sunroof is opened, the rubber seal track is exposed to the air, which will inevitably accumulate dust.

Prolonged use may cause the skylight to wear out and deform and clog the drain hole. Therefore, it is very important to clean the track and lubricate the track in time.







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