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Analysis of the current situation of door hinges(1)

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Analysis of the current situation of door hinges(1)

When we open car doors, engine covers, and trunk covers, probably no one will notice why these parts can turn. This function is completed by the usual inconspicuous part-the chain. Automobile hinges can be divided into door hinges and lid hinges. Automobile door hinge mechanisms include hinge type, curved arm type, composite type, sliding groove type, four-link mechanism, etc., which are used for sliding doors, folding doors, sliding doors, swing doors, etc. Simple hinges such as curved arm types It is only made by bending a single rod, some are made by riveting, some are connected by pin shafts, and some are connected by bolts. Among these types of hinge mechanisms, hinge-type hinges used on sliding doors are the most common.

Each sliding door has two hinge assemblies, one is called the upper hinge at the top and the other is called the lower hinge at the bottom. Each hinge has two basic parts, one is connected to the door and the other is connected to the body. A round pin is fixed to a part and connected with the other half through a pin hole. When the door is opened or closed, the hinge assembly rotates with the round pin as the axis. This is the simplest hinge mode. Also called hinge hinge. In the early days, the hinges of hinge hinges were mostly exposed on the car body, which affected the appearance and increased wind resistance. The designs are now built-in. Early hinge hinges mostly used welding to connect the door and the body. This method makes it difficult to adjust the door during installation. The assembly gap of the door can only be adjusted by the deformation of the sheet metal, and there is no interchangeability. It is now basically connected by bolts.

A hinge with a limit function is called a compound hinge. One is that the upper hinge is a simple hinge, and the other is a composite hinge composed of a torsion bar spring and a roller. Two hinges are combined into a hinge system for installing a door.

Because the hinge is hidden between the door inner panel and the frame, the installation space is usually not large. In order to ensure that the door hinge has sufficient strength, the hinge parts are generally made of high-strength automotive structural steel. Due to the high stamping efficiency, usually the door parts and body parts are composed of stamped parts. In order to improve the rigidity, the door hinges of some cars are also processed by metal cutting from section steel. So as to achieve the purpose of small size and strong.







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