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Analysis and prevention of hidden dangers of refrigerated truck accidents(1)

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Analysis and prevention of hidden dangers of refrigerated truck accidents(1)

A refrigerated truck is a closed van transport vehicle used to transport frozen or fresh-keeping goods. In recent years, as people's requirements for the quality of food preservation and vaccines have become higher and higher, refrigerated trucks have begun to be widely used. However, various accidents followed one after another. We can often see reports in the media about personal accidents and economic losses due to the lack of effective cold chain logistics management during transportation or loading and unloading. Only the correct use and operation of the refrigerated truck can ensure the safety of the staff and thus ensure the good delivery and preservation of the goods.

If the refrigerated truck is operated carelessly during use, it is easy to cause damage to the equipment, which may cause abnormalities in the road phase and cause traffic accidents. In addition, it is always hot in summer. The damage of electronic equipment also has a great chance of causing an explosion, which is also one of the common accidents of refrigerated trucks. So, what improper operations can cause equipment damage, thereby causing traffic accidents or explosion accidents?

Refrigerated truck

During the loading process, the stack of goods was too high or too full. For the sake of profit, some refrigerated cargo companies stack the goods too high when loading the goods, blocking the air outlet of the refrigeration unit, or overfill the goods without leaving a ventilation space around the goods, making the air between the goods Circulation. These measures will cause the refrigeration unit of the refrigerated truck to be overloaded, suddenly damaged, and may also cause the cargo box to explode.

The temperature is abnormal during transportation. When the refrigerated truck is in motion, abnormal temperature recorders or temperature changes in the cargo compartment may occur. If you do not pay attention to this, and take timely measures, not only will the goods deteriorate and damage, but also the refrigeration system of the refrigerated truck may collapse. Damage, resulting in sudden abnormal conditions when driving.







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