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A variety of curtain rails

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A variety of curtain rails

Traditional aluminum curtain rail is small in volume, can be installed 2 to 3 layers, or buried rail to wood, so that the curtain seems to hang down from the ceiling, is a practical high curtain slide rail.

There are various kinds of curtain rails, from traditional aluminum rails to art rails with different shapes, and electric motors can also be installed to increase convenience.

The traditional aluminum track appearance is ordinary, this kind of slide track can be installed as 2 or 3 layers of track according to the decoration requirements, to create the curtain from the ceiling and flow down the effect, it is appropriate to take this type, in the wood construction for the buried track, reserved 5 cm wide and 3 cm deep track slot. For the window type set in arc space, aluminum alloy slide rail can bend radian according to curve, therefore, aluminum products are common and practical slide rail at present.

The distinctive shape of the art track can be used as design elements for interior decoration. Materials include solid wood, bronze, bronze or gold plating.

The art track more installs the ring to buckle, may attach the traditional hook nail to fix the curtain cloth, or adopts the clamp type assembly, but the latter has the looseness problem. In addition, also can be in choose and buy curtain slippery course, book together make curtain, wear at the top make ring hole, do not need hook nail to be able to cover directly on slippery course. Disadvantage is, every time when cleaning curtain cloth, disassembly and assembly of the whole group of tracks more inconvenient.

Roman track closes the curtain up with pull rope, the Roman shade of collocation, it is with fold fold concept to close put, the vision is relatively relaxed, welcome greatly recently.

If the window goes straight to the ceiling, art rails or curtain boxes cannot be installed, new wooden rails can be selected. The traditional aluminum rails are embedded into shaped wooden strips, which are more colorful and can be fixed directly on the ceiling or aluminum frames, both practical and beautiful.







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