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5 best shipping container door locks to choose

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5 best shipping container door locks to choose 

If you don't lock the door when you go out, you may not leave the house in the morning. For most people, the likelihood of someone trying to let themselves go without anyone at home is not particularly high - but be prepared just in case.5 best shipping container door locks to choose

Locking your shipping container doesn't make much difference. A lock helps protect your cargo from unauthorized access, prevents containers from losing it during bumpy journeys, and plays an important role in insurance against accidents in your cargo. No matter what you're transporting, durable container locks are part of 21st century container safety practices.

So what option does the shipper have to ship the container door lock? These five types of locks are welcome.

1. Container padlock

Padlocks are a classic of fixing a wide range of goods, while special versions designed for shipping containers are the perfect choice. The container padlock is a U-shaped steel lock designed to connect to the ring inside the lock box of the shipping container. (If your container does not have a lock box, you may need to study bolting or welding the lock box to improve safety.) )

Container padlocks come in a variety of styles and materials to provide excellent safety for transport containers. Typically, the lock box covers the lock's lock, making it more difficult to access and improving the lock's tamper-proof capability. Like many other types of locks in this list, container padlocks can often be purchased from batches of similar keys imposed by the manufacturer.

Stainless steel container door lock

2. Crossbar Lock

Crossbar locks are another popular lock for transporting containers. These locks are extendable fixtures, usually made of tubular steel, that can be attached to the door of the container, usually on the locking rod, but sometimes on the handle. The key lock mechanism secures the clip in place to prevent the door from opening.

These locks protect against wire cutters and latches, making them an excellent solution for keeping container doors safely closed. Some models also offer extension rods that extend farther than a typical 9 to 16 inches, and these locks often provide similar key batches for ease of use.

3. Truck oil seal

Truck seals are one of the cheapand and commonly used methods for fixing transport containers. Many models are similar to plastic straps and are suitable for use in environments with low safety risks, as they are primarily used to prevent doors from opening unexpectedly. However, other high-safety models are made of thicker metal bolts that provide greater safety.

4. Hidden unbutton padlock

Hidden unbuttoned padlocks have easy-to-use performance with padlocks and combine tamper-proof features with a single latch or lock tongue. The hook ring of the lock is enclosed in its main body and it is almost impossible to break these locks with standard insertion tools, such as wire cutters. These locks perform well in environments where security is important, so consider using them if you have high-value goods that need protection. Also keep in mind that these locks should be ordered with a matching buckle, as you will need to install the lock on the container.

5. Roll door lock box

Roll-up doors may be an extremely convenient feature for use in shipping containers, but ensuring that doors do not become a safety issue is critical. A simple daily padlock may be sufficient, but if you need more stringent security, consider one of the many lock boxes designed specifically for roll doors. These locks are available in a variety of designs. Some can be mounted at the bottom of the door to close automatically when the door is open, while others are more traditional snap locks that can use padlocks but prevent tampering.







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