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What is the way to prevent rust in container locks?

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What is the way to prevent rust in container locks?

Container lock accessories are the components of the container lock all units and container lock products, container lock accessories variety complex, container lock can be divided into small and tall, ultra-advanced various, of which 20GP, 40GP, 40HQ is more common. What is the way to prevent rust in container locksContainer lock accessories have also been developing rapidly in recent years. After understanding some simple concepts of container lock accessories, we should also pay attention to some of the knowledge of container locks rust prevention, so that our more long-term use of container locks is necessary, before talking about container lock corrosion to understand a few concepts and data. The process of metal corrosion usually takes place through two paths: chemical corrosion and electrochemical corrosion.

Chemical corrosion: Corrosion caused by a direct chemical response between a metal surface and the surrounding medium. Metal corrosion caused by acid rain and acid fog.

Electrochemical corrosion: A metal material (alloy or impure metal) is touched with an electrolyte solution that reacts through electrodes. Such as iron products in the wet environment of slow rust. According to statistics, the annual loss of steel due to metal corrosion accounts for about 10% to 20% of steel production in that year. That is to say, the rust rate of steel (on an annual basis) accounts for about 10% to 20% of the construction.

For metal corrosion processes are different, the two common anti-corrosion methods are the barrier to chemical lysored substances (e.g. acid rain, acid fog) and the electrical and chemical maintenance of the oriented metal (e.g. the metal with stronger metal and the metal that needs to be maintained are placed in the same, The primary attack oxidation of the cathode of the original battery to replace the metal that needs to be maintained by the metal that is strong metal to be maintained has the effect of the maintenance principle metal). In addition, the container lock rust process accounted for the first proportion of electrochemical corrosion. Because chemical corrosion is extremely good to prevent, rust-proof paint can play an excellent barrier effect. However, in the transport process of container locks, the small area paint film is damaged by such factors as slugs, while the rusting process at the paint film breakage is dominated by electrochemical rust, and the corrosion process led by electrochemical after the rust spot is generated is a process of gradual acceleration. At present, the maintenance of the damage of the case paint is basically zero, so in the process of anti-rusting of container locks to prevent electrochemical rust becomes a top priority.







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