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Weld broken door hinges(三)

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Weld broken door hinges(三)

The previous two articles have described two different welding procedures for door hinges. Next, let's talk about the different repair methods of the other two accessories.

1. Maintenance of door buffer positioner

The door buffer locator is mainly used to slow down the impact and vibration when the door is closed. At the same time, it also has the limitation of the internal and external oscillation of the door and the vibration in the vertical direction, so that the door can be located correctly. There are two types of door buffer positioner: rotary and push-pull. The main form of damage to the door buffer locator in use is wear and tear, which is mainly replaced in repair.

2. Maintenance of door opening limit device

Door opening limiter is used to limit the opening degree of the door, there are a variety of forms. When the door is in the half-open position, the door should be able to feel obvious resistance, otherwise it indicates that there is something wrong with the door opening limit.

The damage of door opening limiter is mainly deformation and fracture of tie rod, wear and break of rubber block and so on. The deformation of the tie rod can be repaired by direct correction. The fracture of the tie rod can be repaired by welding besides the repair method of replacing new parts. For the occurrence of wear or fracture of the rubber block, can only replace a new piece.

That's how all door hinges and other fittings are repaired. Have you learned ?







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